Fair play is an attitude, a way of thinking. It can be taught and it can be learned. Once it’s learned, it can apply to every aspect of a person’s life.

Fair Play, Canada

The SCLA believes that everyone involved in sport, from parents and spectators to athletes, officials and coaches, can and should all play a role in promoting fair play. The elements of fair play are best applied when there is respect between all participants and respect for the rules and for the game. (Respect must be given for it to be received). The Leaders and Parents lead best by example. When the Rules, both of the game and of conduct, are applied at all times, in every situation and equally toward all participants, then a sense of Fair Play will prevail.

Parents have significant impact on how their children feel about their achievements in sport, and in all aspects of life. The easiest way to instill the elements of Fair Play is to lead by example.

Avoid forcing your child to participate in a sport, and remember that your child is playing for his/her enjoyment, not yours.

Discuss Fair Play issues openly with your child. Encourage him/her to play by the rules and resolve conflicts without resorting to violence. Help them understand that violence is unacceptable in any level of sport.

Teach your child that although it is fun to win, trying hard and doing one's best is really the name of the game. Never ridicule or get angry at your child for making a mistake or losing a competition. Offer constructive advice and assurance that continued effort will make for improved performance the next time out. Offer praise for competing fairly and trying hard.

Remember that children learn best by example. Be a Supportive and fair spectator. Applaud good plays by members of both teams. Never question the officials' judgement or honesty in public. Support all efforts to remove verbal and physical abuse from children's sporting activities.

Always show Respect and Appreciation for the volunteer coaches and others who give their time to provide sport activities for your child.

Welcome visiting Spectators to your arena, Make them feel at home and show that your Association makes Fair Play a priority!

Respect for the rules and for everyone involved is fundamental to the quality of sport and the integrity of the game.

Fair Play, Canada
Fair Play

The Athletes have a responsibility to themselves and to everyone participating in the sport to follow their own Code of Fair Play. The elements of Fair Play will enhance your enjoyment of the Game now, and into the future.

Participate in the Game because you want to, not just because your parent or coach wants you to.

Cooperate and respect your coach, teammates, officials and opponents, because without them, there would be no Game. Acknowledge all good players/performances of your team and of your opponents. Remember that coaches and officials are there to help you. Accept their decisions and show them respect.

Always try to control your temper. Competition is stressful and can provoke powerful emotions, but fighting and mouthing off spoil the game for everyone.

Play by the rules, and in the spirit of the game. Remember that winning isn't everything. While it's great to win, it should always be fun to play.

Fair Play

When opponents are viewed as enemies, officials are treated with contempt, and rules are seen only as obstacles to be overcome, nobody wins.

Fair Play, Canada

Our Coaches also understand that they play a very important role in shaping the athlete's sense of Fair Play. As a coach you are a role model and leader, and have significant impact on your athletes’ Attitudes!

Encourage your team to respect the opposing team and the rules of the game, to accept the judgements of officials and opposing coaches without argument.

Teach your players how to manage conflict and stress, and use good judgement in tough situations.

Ensure that all athletes get equal instruction and support. Avoid overplaying talented players and allow average players equal playing time.

Be reasonable when scheduling games and practices, remembering that young athletes have other interests and obligations. Ensure that equipment and facilities are safe and match the athletes' ages and abilities.

Remember that children need a coach they can respect. Be generous with praise and always set a good example, on the floor and off.


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