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The BCLA’s General Operating Policy states that Local Associations must implement the use of Criminal Record Checks. The SCLA Policy maintains that All Adults who are in contact with our minor athletes must submit to a Criminal Record Check. This includes Coaches, Assistant Coaches, Trainers and Officials.

This is a simple process which can be done in person at the local RCMP office, or online using the link below. The online process will take less than 3 minutes, and the results will be forwarded to the Association President.

Access Code: AT5LYQHSLS Start Here

If you prefer to Submit your request in person, please use the SCLA party id # 1457431.


Anyone who is interested in becoming an Official with the SCLA should contact Aaron to receive information regarding Refing.

Local Clinics

The Entry, Level One and Level Two clinics will be scheduled for sometime in april, at the Gibsons and Area Community Center. Please contact Aaron or Pam to ensure that you are registered for this clinic. At this time, there are no New Technical Bulletins or Rule Changes posted, but as always all Officials are asked take the time to read over the current Technical Bulletins prior to the Clinic Dates. Links are posted at the bottom of this page.

Jerseys may be pre-ordered for $25 and will be brought to the clinic if you order in time!. Contact Pam to make this happen.

SCLA Officials Policy

Section 1 - Fees

SCLA Referees will be paid Game Fees according to the Pay Schedule set out in the BCLA Operating Policy, Appendix B. 

Game Level/Position


Shot Clock Official





$25 (*)









(*) In the case of Novice House League Games, for Referee Development, the Head Ref may choose to assign extra referees who will rotate through and be paid $12.50 for their Half Game. Possible arrangements include:

  • Four L1 Refs officiating half of the game each, paid $12.50 each. One Volunteer Mentor (L2 or Higher Ref)
  • One experienced L1 or L2 Ref paid $25 plus Two L1 Refs officiating half game paid $12.50 each.

Section 2 – Pay Dates

Unless other arrangements are made with the Head Ref and Treasurer, SCLA Referees will be paid twice in the Season. The first cut-off date will be May 24th with Cheques prepared and mailed before May 31st. The second cut-off date will be the last day of PeeWee Playdowns (or the last day SCLA has a team in the PeeWee Playdowns) for Level 1, and the last day of Midget Playdowns (or the last day SCLA has a team in the Midget Playdowns) for Level 2 and up. Cheques will be prepared and mailed at the earliest reasonable time.

Section 3 – Clinic Fees

The SCLA will cover all clinic fees for Officials for the 2015 Season. Officials who must travel for Senior Clinics may need to submit a request for reinbursment.

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